When Art meets Bubbles

When Art meets Bubbles

Augustin Sagehomme is a self-taught Belgian artist, born in 1987, endowed with a good sense of observation and high sensitivity.  Strongly influenced by his travels as well as the encounter of different cultures, he likes to oppose different styles and subliming them.  The quest of harmony is essential in his work using various shapes and colours.

Artist with many facets, he makes use of his talent within several disciplines he is passionate about, sometimes associating them.   This is how collaborations with other artists, luxury and lifestyle brands are born.  These collaborations are always highlighting the architectural precision of his work.

Beside his large paintings on canvas and his very detailed drawings, he has created an innovative concept known as the Deer.I.am Collection which is a unique and exclusive customisation of hunting trophies.  He also gives to your table or your bar an exceptional aspect thanks to the entirely hand-decorated bottles of exclusive beverages.

By observing his work, you will be invited to discover his fascinating universe that reveals each time a new facet of his reserved personality.


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